Western Section AUA  -  97th Annual Meeting
Renaissance Esmeralda Resort at Indian Wells, CA
October 31  to Nov 4, 2021

Abstracts and Essay Winners

Abstracts reviewed by the Western Section AUA Program Committee and accepted to present at the 97th Annual Meeting in Indian Wells, California.

Congratulations to the following essay contest winners!


Health Policy Essay Winners

1st Place - Jerad Harris, MD
"Do Home-Grown Residents and Fellows Make Better Attendings?"
Jerad Harris, Stephen Wertheimer, Craig Collins, Nancy Spiegel, Gary Chien: Los Angeles, CA

Miley B. Wesson Resident Essay Contest Winners

1st Place - Gregory W. Hosier MD, MSc
"Ambulatory Tubeless Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy is Safe and Effective in Patients with Extended Selection Criteria."
Gregory Hosier, Kashif Visram, Thomas McGregor, Stephen Steele, Naji Touma, Thomas Chi, Marshall Stoller, David Bayne, Fadl Hamouche, Heiko Yang, Darren Beiko: San Francisco, CA

2nd Place - Kassem S. Faraj, MD
"Same Day Discharge Protocol For Robotic Prostatectomy Using Eras
Principles During The COVID-19 Era."

Kassem Faraj, Samantha Wilder, David Mauler, Adri Durant, Elisabeth Lim, Lanyu Mi, Mitchell Humphreys, Scott Cheney: Phoenix, AZ

3rd Place - Fernandino L. Vilson, MD
"Prostate Specific Antigen Volatility and the Diagnosis of Clinically
Significant Prostate Cancer."

Fernandino Vilson, Boya Zhang, Olubusola Onsunsany, James Brooks, Thomas Osborne, Priyadip Ray, John Leppert: Stanford, CA

Joseph F. McCarthy Physician Essay Contest Winners

1st Place - Christopher Elliott, MD, PhD
"Adoption of Single-Use Clean Intermittent Catheterization Policies Do Not Appear to Effect Genitourinary Outcomes in a Large Spinal Cord Injury Cohort."
Christopher Elliott, Kai Dallas, Kazuko Shem, James Crew: San Jose, CA

2nd Place - Jonathan Moore, MD
"The Changing Landscape of salvage HoLEP post MIST."
Jonathan Moore, Gopal Narang, Scott Cheney, Mitchell Humphreys: Scottsdale, AZ

3rd Place - Una Lee, MD
"Creating an Extraordinary Experience for Women Undergoing Cystoscopy."
Eileen MacDonald, Justina Tam, Karshena McNair, Deborah Sparks, Jen Zimmerman, Teresa Fox, Neha Patel, Amy London, Una Lee: Seattle, WA